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Dyeing yarn for zebra stripes: Part 1

I gave my parents a birthday wish list from, and it arrived today. Got some of their Felici sock yarn that is very pretty... I think I'm getting backed up on projects that I want to do, but such is knitting. I also got some undyed DK weight yarn and Jaquard acid dyes, so I did some dyeing research today and started to get my yarn prepped. Instead of just laying out the hank and dyeing it, I'm winding it in a weird way to get zebra stripes on socks.

I untwisted the hank, found both ends of the yarn, tied them together, and proceeded from there to wind up a ball of doubled-up yarn. This way, I can create two socks that are identically insane. At the end of the ball, I tied another knot, which is where I will cut later to make two separate balls.

If I wind the yarn around my ankle three times, it's 28". I'm assuming this is the length of yarn needed to knit one round of a sock (I could be wrong, but I think I'll get interesting results either way). I cut two pieces of corrugated cardboard that are each 12" long (the flaps from the box, conveniently). I cut them identically in a stair pattern, so that there are sections that are 12" long, 10" long, 8", etc down to 2". I then placed these two pieces of cardboard next to each other as shown, so that there are 6 different 14" sections, offset from each other. I then wound the yarn around these, more or less as shown. When it's wrapped once around each section, I went back over the sections in reverse order, and so on back and forth four or five times. I did not worry too much about precision.

Then, I ran some scrap yarn in between the two pieces of cardboard, and tied it around the bundle of yarn while taking the yarn off of the cardboard.

Then I continued winding the yarn around the cardboard and tying it off, until I had used up all the yarn. The two sections on either side of each tie will be dyed different colors to make the zebra stripe pattern. (Make sense? Each round has both colors, but the length of each color in each round increases and decreases). You could use just two colors, but I will probably go wild and use more.

Here's the math that I've done for the dyeing (tomorrow?):

100 g of wool will require 2-4 g of dye.
A 1/2 oz jar of dye has 14 g of dye. If a concentrated solution is made in 2 cups of water, there is 0.44 g/Tbsp.
For the 100 g skein, I will need 4.5 to 9 Tbsp of this concentrated solution (total over the different colors), which I will dilute a bit to make a working solution for handpainting.

Part 2
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