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Angry Fundamentalists

It's May, and angry fundamentalist Christians are back in season at UC Davis! Today we had a couple guys on the quad. One had a sandwich board that read "Bless your dirty heart you little bitch" with some list of sinners that I didn't bother to read. The other had the giant sign, of the sort that has to be supported at the torso and shoulders. It said "God is angry" and had a long list of who he's angry at. Some of my favorites:

Child-molesting homosexuals
This is the only reference to homosexuals. So the vast majority of them are okay, then? Sweet! Although I'm worried that they get caught under the "premarital sex" item, since in many places they aren't allowed to marry, for reasons that are beyond me.
Cult of the effeminate intellect
Godless Evolutionists
Then people like me who combine faith and science are okay!
Witches [picture of witch on broomstick]
Because as we all know, pagans can fly.
Unbelieving Jews
Jews who take their faith seriously are okay.
Wait, we agree on something?
People who talk to pets more than God
Well see, in my worldview, as a pantheist, the most devout, pious thing a person can do is to interact lovingly with the world around them. The divine is in everything around us, and in ourselves. Pets teach us love. I let God lick out my cereal bowl every morning.
Misc. heathen
Ooh, got me there.

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