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There's a 50% chance of rain all day, but I think I need to get outside, trike around a bit. Gotta enjoy this overcast, less-hot-than-ass weather. It makes this New Englander feel alive, and it is not going to last. I wish there were some wild, ungroomed areas that I could trike to in a reasonable amount of time.

I burned more than half a tank of gas yesterday (thankfully in our rental car for the lab, not in my car) and only found one blackberry plant. It was near someone's septic system business, on the side of a 55 mph road, but darnit, I did a collection. But this was a place that I was going to go no matter what, because it was the collection location of a hybrid herbarium specimen, so I can't say it was a wasted trip. And now I know that if I go to Merced County or the vicinity looking for blackberries again, I should stick to wet, forested places and not bother with all the farmland or unforested waters. Although, geez, I wonder where that one roadside plant came from, if it was planted there or what.

Go watch the Beverly Hills Chihuahua trailer, and get an eternal brainworm like the one I have now. What will Disney think of next?

In the executive student committee for my grad program, we'd been discussing having a wiki site. It still hadn't happened so I volunteered to set it up when it came up in discussion again. I spent a few hours on it two weeks ago, then sent it to the executive committee. The leader of the committee then sent it out to all of the students, asking for "comments or suggestions for additions." ::headdesk:: I sent a reply to her explaining that the point of a wiki is that anyone can edit it themselves, although I'd be happy to do it if people weren't comfortable with the code. She asked me to send out an email to the group with instructions on how to edit it, so I did that. I didn't say anything to advertise the utility of the site, because if anyone followed the link, the utility should be obvious, for example elective courses change over time and can be difficult to find, so I put in a list of elective courses, with a request that people add courses they've taken to the list. Of course, two weeks later, no one besides me has made a single edit to the site. But, hey, I've done my part and the rest is not my problem.
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