Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

knitpicks catalog...

Oh man, I'm up way too late and got looking through the KnitPicks catalog, saw some yarn that had kept catching my eye (Graham of Menteith), and got the wonderful idea that I could knit a sweater out of hand-dyed wool in beautiful blue colors for $18 (as opposed to a couple hundred, say if I bought the yarn at a local yarn store or festival). Alas, other people were faster than I to jump on the clearance price.

Did I mention that it apparently takes me three months to make a pair of socks, and I have five pairs of socks in queue, six after the next dyeing adventure I have planned? And that acrylic Justin gave me that could be a vest or something, and probably other stuff I'm forgetting. I've been a knitter for a year and a half and now I'm really starting to understand how stashes develop.

I could always order Bare worsted yarn from KnitPicks, maybe pick out a few more acid dyes, and get a sweater in just the perfect colors that way, too...
Tags: creativity

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