Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Knit Picks wish list

I'm silly... gotta keep track of everything I want to buy next time I place an order there.

Needle Case with Pockets80311$19.99
Nickel-Plated 40" Size 1 (2.25 mm) Circular needle90349$4.99
Nickel-Plated 40" Size 3 Circular needle90353$4.99
40" Cable Set90232$3.99
Harmony Wood Cable Needles90347$4.99
Nickel-plated needle tips: size 490218$4.99
Nickel-plated needle tips: size 590219$4.99
Nickel-plated needle tips: size 690220$4.99

Woot, that's more than enough for free shipping, and I could add so much more... like if I want to get enough yarn for a sweater... But the sweater's a ways off, since with my stash I already have plans for a t-shirt, a hat, gloves, and many socks.

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