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yup, I marched in the parade

Let me start off with the funniest thing I heard today. One of the protesters at the parade yelled, "Diversity is not a word found in the Bible!" I burst out laughing, as did the drummer girls next to me. I wonder if that was his first time trying out that little tagline. I hope he uses it some more, because if he's going to be hateful, he might as well be entertaining at the same time. Hey, buddy, "brainwashed shithead" isn't in the Bible either, but here you are. Actually, hell isn't in the Bible, right? Anyway, what was he even saying, that God wanted us all to be exact clones of each other?

In a recent letter to me, my grandfather wrote, "God has chosen certain human beings to communicate God's message to humanity. You are one of those chosen to do so." I hope he's right, and I think today would be part of that. He might disown me if he knew that I marched in a gay pride parade though.

So seven of us from Davis Community Church went, and we marched with a much larger group representing the faith community as a whole. I got to help carry the banner for our group. I think the faith contingent was actually one of the bigger, more colorful parts of the parade, and only was third in line after the motorcycles and colorguard. I heard that there had been a lot of religious protests last year, so they wanted to make a big statement with the presence of churches that are inclusive.

Overall it wasn't as big of an event as I was expecting, probably because a lot of people go to the one in San Francisco instead. We didn't go to the festival itself because we were pretty hot and tired and you had to pay to get in.

There was a short prayer and then a song while we were waiting for the parade to start. Pretty sweet.

I didn't get a photo of it, but one guy had a sign saying that gay sex is a threat to national security. Um...?

I was also amused by the kids (in the above photo) dressed in black and white. It was like they chose their color scheme to be opposite of the rainbow. Black and white is a nice representation of the inability to see any middle ground or understand other points of view.

The rest of the photos

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