Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

repressed stress = rebelling body

I started getting a headache last night as I stayed up slightly past my bedtime re-reading parts of Girl Genius. Decided shortly after going to bed that I should take an ibuprofen + pseudoephedrine. Also focused a lot on relaxing my face and opening up my sinuses. Woke up a half hour before my alarm was going to go off, still had headache, took another pill and got a hot pack for my forehead. Stayed in bed another hour and a half, maybe, still had headache. Had some decaf tea and strawberries, since sometimes breakfast helps. Had to run to the bathroom to vomit. Ate more, got another hot pack, laid in bed. Had to jump up and vomit again. At 11 I emailed Marie in case she was wondering where I was, and by 11:30 I was starting to feel better. Considering the vomit and all, I decided to stay home and work on formatting my data.

I haven't had a headache like that in a long time. The two usual causes for something like that would be a drop in barometric pressure, which I haven't seen any signs of, or dehydration, which is unlikely since a couple weeks ago it was 10-15 degrees hotter and I got by just fine. It's gotta be stress. I've never had something like this happen from pure stress before, but then again I don't think I've ever had to give a presentation to such a large audience before. I practiced my presentation in front of the lab yesterday and it went over well, so I felt like a lot of the pressure was off. So maybe the stress was subconsciously still there (had a similar thing happen with stomach aches in high school) or maybe it's just a response to the sum total of stress from the past few weeks. At least it happened today instead of tomorrow, when I'm actually giving the presentation.

So, um, yeah, no stress, so it should be easy for me to get off of LiveJournal, tweak the presentation a bit, and practice it a few more times. Right...

Better get more comfortable with this if I want to be an academic...
Tags: health, sinuses

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