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Before waking up this morning I had a rather long and detailed dream that I was moving back to Dartmouth for whatever job or post doc I had gotten after grad school. Gilman and Remsen were gone because the new biological sciences complex had been built, and Vail (which had some different name in my dream, but by location it was Vail) had been converted into a dorm, into which I was moving. Once I realized that was what building it was, I reminisced on studying in the microbiology library, as well as being intimidated by a steep outdoor flight of stairs (I'm pretty sure these memories were made up in the dream). I shared a three room double with another woman there. We had a lot of space for a dorm, including our own personal kitchen minus the oven and stove. I remember arranging books and DVDs, and my parents telling me that they were leaving the Volvo with me to use. I got settled in and then saw that it was 4:30 and I might be missing [marching] band, but since I didn't have an email about it, I realized that Colgate was an away game this year so band didn't start up for another week. I had a purple dinosaur suit to wear to band. And apparently I had dyed my hair rainbow colors and it was the consistency of 1-ply worsted/bulky yarn, but I didn't think anything of it. Duncan might have been there at some point in relation to band. Elizabeth and Sarah from Davis were moving into another room in that building, and I realized I had forgotten about Sarah's birthday party.

That was probably a boring read. It was just very pleasant to have a dream about being back there.

Hmm, should book flight and motel for Homecoming soon. If I get in late Thursday, maybe I'll get a rental car regardless of who I'm staying with, so that I can spend Friday before rehearsal just wandering the campus.
Tags: dreams

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