Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Sleep-deprived thoughts after a practice qual

1) I saw an argyle pattern screen printed onto a shirt, which begs the question, is screen printed argyle still argyle, or must it be knit to be the real thing?

2) It's orientation now, and around the Memorial Union, 80-90% of all the flyers, sandwich boards, and people at tables handing out info are for Christian student groups. ::twitch:: I have no problem with Christians, and of course they are completely within their rights to advertise their groups, but seeing so much of it just makes me feel alienated and an outsider. At least I can walk right by the Asian-only, Latino-only, and Black-only Christian groups without worrying about them trying to invite me to an event. They stand there ready to hand out little cards with info, but don't give me a second glance, ha.

We had Christian groups at Dartmouth, but damn, it was not so much of a huge presence, especially compared to the Outing Club, sports teams and clubs, the marching band...

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