Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

more dreams

Wow, still not dreaming about my qualifying exam, but instead having lots of dreams about 1) Homecoming and 2) supernatural things. The Homecoming one last night wasn't too special, and involved being bussed somewhere, not having my white pants, and for some reason us dressing as the Columbia band before we got into our real uniforms. In real life I have already taken my alumni band sweater out in the hopes of it losing the plastic tub smell over the course of a few weeks. Tried it on too :) So I definitely remember the sweater in my backpack in the dream.

In the supernatural dream last night, I was shown how various people had made a portal to a magical realm in their houses. You picked some small room in your basement, and you enchanted the door to that room so that if you laid your hands on the door and spoke the magic word, when you opened the door it would be a different room, and that room would have the door to the magical realm. It was really nifty but I don't remember too much. Someone had imprisoned a creature near their own entrance, and he was selling blueberries and various other wild fruits.
Tags: dreams

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