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I had band last night, but one of the tuba players had a Blackberry and announced that McCain conceded. I got to Meredith's election night party at 9:30 and sort of half-watched the news there for a half hour. No surprise that Obama won, but I was surprised that it happened so quickly. I haven't watched the speeches yet so I haven't had a chance for tears of Hope and Change to stream down my face.

And Californians? According to the current results, I need to set 5,220,694 of you on fire (that's with 96.4% of precincts reporting). I suppose I don't have a personal stake in our lovely new constitutional amendment, but do I believe strongly that what makes a person a person has nothing to do with gender. And I can sympathize well with the feeling deep inside of oneself that something is right even if it defies social norms. Hypothetical arson plans aside, I want to see if there's a poll that breaks down why people voted yes on 8. How much of it is real homophobia, vs. people believing the scare tactics of gay marriage being a threat to children and churches, vs. semantic preference for the historical definition of marriage.

Oh, and when Nicki and I went to vote yesterday morning, the line was only about 4 people long.
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