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protest Sunday in Sacramento[More photos]

Made a giant hot pink sign last night, went to the protest today, and stayed for a little less than an hour, because it was awkward to be there by myself when there wasn't a big energy permeating the whole group. Maybe there was among the people who were on the steps themselves. But I figured that my service to the protest would be to take some photos of it and drop them in the internet tubes.

I rented the first disk of Firefly last night, because I hadn't yet seen the tv series and had heard from many people that it was awesome. I figured it would be a healthy alternative to watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog repeatedly again this weekend. I've seen the pilot and "Train Job" and really like it so far. Sci-Fi meets Western, and wait, they've colonized the whole galaxy and haven't found any aliens? and are they serving alcohol at a bar in the sliced-off bottom halves of Poland Spring bottles? and what's that language that they randomly speak sometimes? (Ok, Mandarin, I looked it up.) And the funny moments are very Joss Whedon. (Mal telling Simon that Kaylee is dead, and Jayne drugged, wow.) (I saw Serenity a couple years ago and don't remember much besides who dies.) I think I'll tell my parents to Netflix it because my dad would like the Sci-Fi-Western aspect.

While I'm publicly posting photos, here's my little Yarn Harlot homage from when I visited Dartmouth, although these are gloves, not socks. This is the yarn that I dyed with Easter egg dye, and I'm halfway up the palm since working on them on the flight back, but have put them aside in favor of holiday knitting.
And I finished the shirt from the camouflage yarn that my brother gave me. It might be a bit ugly, but it is super super warm and comfy, especially over a long sleeve tee.

And I guess I'm pretty apathetic about dating right now if I had been thinking, "I should get back onto [dating site] this weekend and message that guy who was in my matches but I was too lazy to message before," but totally forgot about it. I'm okay being single if that's what's coming naturally. I'm also currently not quite sure how to express in words who I am and who I'm looking for; I'm not quite sure if I'm the person I think I am, the person I want to be, or the person that other people think I am. My only worry about being single is that I want to have a family someday and am missing a fairly useful component.
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