Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

fa la la de da

Although I had an "optional" chore list for today, I did have enough free time to go on and get an egg.


Click it click it now click it more! They are cute so I want it to hatch. (If you have one, put it in the comments and I'll click it too.)

Here is a really cute video: It gets really good about halfway through, because you don't see the dog anymore, just a trail of collapsed snow zooming off into the distance. This dog would be very happy in our backyard right now. When I took the compost out I had to walk through knee-deep snow, and that was the trail that had been cleared before the most recent storms.

I wrapped presents for my parents, cleared snow off of the van and the deck, and locked myself out in 20 degree weather but remembered where the spare key was. When Dad got home we dug the Christmas tree out of the snow and got it into a stand.
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