Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

My brother got engaged

... the morning of Christmas Eve. They spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Erica's family, then when they got here in the early afternoon they mentioned the gifts that they'd already given each other, and Erica flashed us the very sparkly one on her finger! Took a moment for that to sink in with me, wow. My parents of course are happy but not surprised or flipping out. I was in shock for a bit, partly because I really wish that I were settling down and getting engaged at this point in my life; and partly because I didn't even meet Erica until the May before I moved (further) away for grad school, so the whole time that I've known them as a couple I've only seen them about twice a year. Being so far from my family is kind of sad like that. But even though I see them much less than I would like, Erica seems like a wonderful woman and the two of them seem very happy together, so the engagement is both an expected and a good thing.

Congrats Justin and Erica!!

No date set yet - they explained that as Erica is the planner, and Justin surprised her, of course there are no plans. She didn't think that he was going to propose for at least another 6-12 months, so she was so shocked that she screamed and pulled a blanket over her head.
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