Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Too tired to write, but

Here's some Point Reyes.

Went with Cailin and Angela. We didn't see any whales, and we failed in our goal of seeing the sunset from the beach (although we did see it from the shuttle bus), but I don't care because the landscape was amazing and I am a very landscape-oriented person. I felt very connected and happy there.

This morning on my drive to Rancho Cordova there was a very pretty pink and blue view of the Sacramento skyline and the Sierra Nevada as the sun rose. Had a good time being outside, dug through lots of rocks to plant an alder, pulled up a bunch of French broom, and found some interesting blackberry that I'll go back for in the spring.

Went to In-N-Out, came home, went to school to plant tomato seeds for the course I'm TAing, chilled with the redwoods on the quad, then went to DCC to help cook dinner for the shelter. Got up at 6AM and I am beat.

Tomorrow marks the start of the End Times, gang. If you're like me and you already know you're damned, this is a good year to get in a lot of fun sinning.
Tags: altruism, outdoors

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