Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Attention, people of the internet

If you are a member of a website, and you suddenly decide that you hate what the website represents and can't stand most of the people there, the best course of action is to leave without saying anything. You aren't making the world a better place with a big dramatic exit in which you call everyone a delusional oversensitive pervert. Obviously many people still enjoy the site or no one would be there, so nothing is going to change because you took a big dramatic poop on the floor before you walked out the door. And if you like a few members of the website and want to let them know that you're leaving and haven't died or anything, that's what emails/private messages are for.

Yep, I've done the "I'm leaving without saying anything because I think people on this site are full of shit." You can too.

I have often wondered if I should keep people on my LJ-friends list when they poop on my favorite website. I figure I would be a closed-minded person if I were to shut out all dissenting opinion by removing these people.

In other news, I'm currently a zombie dragoness who is a bit overloaded with school, although I know I've handled much busier and more stressful times than this. The trees still keep me happy, at least.

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