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When I went to return TurboTax (I ended up just doing free tax preparation online) I picked up a "double feature" DVD set of Muppets from Space and Muppets Take Manhattan for just $6. I hope that I still have the means to play DVDs when I have kids (you never know, the way technology goes), but I would have payed $6 just to have Muppets from Space for myself.

Then I went to Safeway and got a heart-shaped box of chocolates on sale. It says "For a Special Person" on the front. Indeed. I also got the Safeway version of a KFC meal.

I saw the premier of Dollhouse Friday night and watched it again on Hulu yesterday. It was kind of confusing, but most of the confusion was resolved by the end of the episode. Disappointing that it didn't have the characteristic Joss Whedon style of humor and dialogue. Something's wrong if I don't come away wanting to imitate the speech and behavior of his characters. The episode was so-so but I want to keep watching to see how the plot unfolds. It could get really good.
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