Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

I'm making a pretty

That's just two weeks of work. Yay spring break-ish time.

Also, today was the first lecture of the course I'm TAing this quarter, and I was sitting behind a hearing-impaired student and a man who was using a stenotype to transcribe every word the prof said and display it on a laptop screen. For the first half of lecture I couldn't see the device he was using, and really I've never seen anything like that before, so I was totally perplexed about how he was typing so fast, and seemingly with one stroke per word. I saw him choosing between phonetically-similar words and I thought maybe it was some sort of human-guided computerized speech recognition.

He even transcribed me saying "sure" when the professor asked me to stand up. And then my cell phone went off in class and the prof commented when he saw that it was me, so I'm sure that was in the transcript X( Actually for an earlier cell phone that went off I saw him write "[cell phone ringing]."

I might have remembered to turn my phone off if I hadn't been sleep deprived. And then after the phone rang I spent several minutes wondering who it could be and if there might be an emergency at the house. Then I remembered it was my birthday. It also had taken me 45 minutes after waking up this morning to remember... mostly I was focused on "need to get up to lead early morning discussion section, DO NOT lay back down in bed."

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