Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Gospel of John notes

A college acquaintance who thinks Christ is the only way wanted me to read this, so I thought I'd humor him.

1:5 - Like. :)
Don't 1:12 and 1:14 contradict each other? "Children of God" must somehow be different from "God's one and only son" and this is one of many parts of Christianity that I don't quite grasp. I am surprised that these two concepts are placed right next to each other without a clear explanation of how they are different. It was probably something lost in translation.
1:18 - :( sorry you can't know God but Jesus does because he is God and he'll show God to you. Eh, I don't like being told that I can't do it myself.
2:11 - Wait, the wine was the first miracle?? Hey, there are lepers to heal, but first let's get drunk!
Ok, by the end of Part 2 I'm getting a little weirded out by the New Living Translation, because it feels like
3:8 - So no one really knows what it means to be born again, because it's too much for our puny mortal brains to comprehend. So no one can tell me that my own spiritual experiences do not count as being born again, right? Or am I going to be told soon that Jesus has to be involved?
3:18-19 - I don't think that not believing in Christ necessarily means that a person prefers evil and is afraid of good...
4 - Wow, he does kind of brag a lot and tell people right up front who he is. Not what I was expecting. My friend wants to "introduce [me] to the person of Jesus" but this chapter makes him look like a crazy guy who never stops preaching. Sorry, Christian friends, if I'm being really negative right now. It is a pretty story despite my problems with it.
4:48 - Ha, this I like. He should be able to convince people with words and actions, not with constant miracles.
6:15 - Well, that's good at least, after all the continued boasting in 5:19-47.
6:29 - Another reason why I'm not Christian. I don't want it to be that easy. I want to be nice to people and make the world a better place too.
6:32-71 - I'm just getting a crazy cult leader vibe here, which is not at all how I had previously imagined Jesus.
7:17 - True that, let people listen to their gut and decide for themselves.
8:23 - My grandfather thinks that Jesus was trying to tell us that we're all children of God the same as him, but that's not what he's saying here.
8:47 - Cult leader again, saying anyone who doesn't believe him is evil. Not a very convincing argument.

Dollhouse in 20 minutes and I'm too tired to keep reading anyway, so I'll pick it up again tomorrow. Kinda disappointing so far.

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