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more John

Ok, to recap, here's what I remember from last night:

Jesus-like things that Jesus did: 1) A bunch of villagers were going to kill an adulterous woman, and Jesus reminded them that they'd all sinned at one point or another, and so they didn't kill her. 2) There was a guy who couldn't walk and Jesus healed him. Then the villagers got pissed because it was the Sabbath and not only did he work by doing the healing, he told the man to carry his sleeping mat away, which also counted as work. Jesus was like, "Um, I think you're missing the point of what just happened here." 3) Merchants were selling animals for sacrifice in the temple, and Jesus busted in there with a whip and set all the animals loose. Unfortunately I think this was because he was against commercialism in a holy place, and not as much because he wanted to save the animals.

Un-Jesus-like things that Jesus did: 1) Told everyone repeatedly that since he had ESP and could manipulate reality, he was the Son of God and was most definitely on a different level from the mortals around him, and that anyone who didn't follow him was a sinful idiot. 2) He announced that everyone had to eat his flesh and drink his blood, and they were like, "WTF do you even mean by that?" but obviously it's very important since Christians still do it today. Maybe the other Gospels explain it better.

I don't mean to offend any Christians reading this. But since my friend knows my spiritual background and specifically told me to read this part of the Bible, I was honestly expecting something that made a lot more sense and was a lot more meaningful and convincing, maybe even something that made me question my beliefs. So many Christians believe in their religion so strongly, and they say that it's all right there in the Bible. Maybe it only works if your brain is conditioned for it from Sunday school and all that.

Miracles, etc...
11:33 - Jesus gets angry?
11:52 - Ah, yes, Christianity is for everyone. Or maybe just for some people scattered worldwide? It's unclear.
12:14-15 - So he was familiar with the Scripture and specifically did things that were part of the prophesy.
12:25 - It's not okay to enjoy being alive?
13:27 - Hmm, this makes sense with what I heard about the Gospel of Judas and Jesus actually telling him to betray him.
13:34 - That's good advice.
14:6 - Ah, yeah, that's quoted all the time :P
14:16-17,26 - That puts me half a step closer to understanding what the Trinity is... oh but that's all we'll say about it, no more explanation.
15:1-8 - A horticultural metaphor! I understand it but maybe most people nowadays don't think of plants that way.
15:9-17 - Loving each other good, coerced love meh. Overall message is more good than meh.
15:18-24 - Rawr, us vs. them, whose side are you on? On the other hand, "it's okay if people hate you" is an uplifting message.
Ok, am kind of understanding more about what the Holy Spirit is - a way for people to keep getting Christ's message with Christ gone.
16:12-15 - Aw crap, this is an excuse for televangilists to say that they're getting messages from God. Jesus doesn't have the whole message for us, there's more that the Spirit will tell us later... There are good things that could be, there are bad things that could be.
16:30 - :-/
17:4 - I belong to the world! :P
18:10 - WTF you do that for?
19:25-27 - Well, that was nice of him.
19:35-37 - Come on, I don't really care what prophecy this fulfills. I guess it was different in ancient times when they were trying to convert Jews.
19-20 - I've also heard some theories about Jesus faking his death, and those make sense in the context of these chapters.
20:27 - Eww...
20:30-31 - But I don't care about reading about miracles that anyone could have made up and written down. Show me wisdom if you want this to ring true to me.
Who is "the disciple Jesus loved?" Have I also heard theories about Jesus being gay? (21:24, oh, ok.)

Bed time. Might reread some of the later chapters.

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