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picture time

This came out of a doodle in the lecture of the class I'm TAing. I've been trying to come up with an abstract representation of wings like this for awhile. If I had the cajones to be tattooed it would be something like this, split in half. This could also be cool as a batik design.

This vest is seriously addicting. As in I feel compelled to work on it when I have other things to do, and when I'm at school doing things on the computer I wish I had it with me. Um, it's in my lap right now. My knitting friends in Davis have pooh-poohed Noro yarn, but I'm in love with the pattern of color changes and the texture. Even when I have to really abuse the yarn to pull a burr out of it (goats get into things, and a machine isn't going to get everything out) it hasn't broken. On Friday I taught myself some elementary crochet, and pulled the scrap yarn out in order to crochet the arm holes. I felt like a pro by the time I was done. And the crochet edge is nice and sturdy without tightening up the edge of the fabric. And now it means that the vest has a right side and wrong side (no longer completely reversible). Thank goodness the armholes are big enough and appear to be spaced correctly, or I'd have to rip a lot out.

Also on Friday, I was trying to pull out my cigarette lighter to plug in a charger, and I pulled the whole socket out of the dash. Clearly I am a beast.

I discovered much hazy prettiness while I was out sampling south of San Jose.

And here's the American River Parkway, Sunrise Area.

Found in Putah Creek.

Am starting in with helping people in office hours, and am strongly reminded that just because students act in section like they understand the material, it doesn't necessarily mean that they do. I'm in genetics because the kind of logical thinking involved comes very naturally to me. This is a course for non-science majors, so they struggle with the material in a way that I never struggled with it. Then if the person doesn't grasp the concepts or the terminology and symbolism, it makes communication very difficult even when I try to help them out one-on-one.

I have been thinking a lot about lucid dreams lately, and have been periodically counting my fingers or doing other dream-checks. This morning I found that the greenhouse staff had pruned all of my blackberry plants back to the soil (which wouldn't kill them since they sprout from the roots, but bye-bye all the crosses I've been making), and as I was pushing a cart out of the greenhouse, I realized that I was dreaming. It might have been that I was starting to wake up and got the sensation of being in bed. I rubbed my hands together and focused on other tactile sensations to try to stay in the dream, but my vision wouldn't come back beyond a vague mind's-eye image. But it's exciting to think that I might be getting close.
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