Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

misogyny in my pseudo-home state

I went out on the porch to have tea this morning (I should probably get going on my planned work for the day, but I think I have an ear infection and so I'm chilling out a little bit to gauge how sick I feel) and noticed a page from a New England newspaper that Cara's mom must have sent her. (::Sees mention of search for a body in the Merrimack River:: "Wait, this isn't a local newspaper!" ::Sees mention of Tea Parties:: "Oh, it's recent!") On page 2 there was an Associated Press article, "NH Senate panel hears gay marriage bill." It was short, so about 1/5 of the article was the following quote:
Ronald Goodwin of Alexandria called the legislation "morally corrupt." "Some of the women have been wearing their pants so long that some of the men have forgotten their identity. It's time the men put their pants back on," he said.
You misogynist fuck. What does the way women dress (or to assume you're using a metaphor, the way that the current generation of women is more career-oriented than previous generations) have to do with gay marriage? Oh, right, you feel that homosexuality somehow threatens your own manhood, and thus your ability to dominate over women.

And really, Associated Press? You did mention both sides of the argument in the article, but you definitely devoted more space to the anti-gay-marriage side.
Tags: politics

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