Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

comparative nostalgia

I walked by Outdoor Adventures on campus on my way to get late lunch at Carl's Jr. (my inner monologue called this a "bag of shame") and hearing "Californication" made me immediately think of my Dartmouth freshman outing trip and how H-Croo sang a song about dehydration to that tune. I can still remember bits about "copious urination," constipation, and the lines "'Now I know my penis is used for something more than masturbation!' 'Thank you for providing me with all that information. But I did not need to know about your self manipulation.'"

Meanwhile as I was cleaning my room this weekend, anything I found from my grad school orientation that I didn't need anymore went straight to the recycling. Not that I don't like grad school; I'm just kind of ready to have a real adult life now...

I need to find a way to make that desire into a motivation to work harder.

Then again, the difference in my nostalgia could just be because Dartmouth is an exceptionally happy, beautiful place with lots of fun things like marching band and people who will stay up late reading Pokemon fanfiction out loud. (Ok, this is getting beyond the scope of what should go in a public post.)

In other news, with my TA position this fall, the chance of my being at Homecoming is very low, but I should be able to make all three nights of that mysterious awesome California event in September... will register for that tonight once I check that my Paypal info is up-to-date.
Tags: nostalgia

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