Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

the thrill of agony and the victory of defeat

Signs on Highway 101:
"Adopt a Highway: Medicinal Marijuana Patriot Union." Ah, Northern California.
"Adopt a Highway: Conservative Evangelical Christians." Ah... America.
"Tsunami Hazard Zone." What? What am I supposed to do with this information, drive faster? There were tons of these signs and they seemed especially pointless on stretches of road where there were no side-roads going inland.
"Adopt a Highway: Tsunami Sam's Camping Club." Well, then. It's like Boy Scouts for people who like death on a massive scale.

I took Hwy 101 to Oregon instead of I-5 specifically so that I could collect berries from one particular plant at a site that I'd been to previously. This was at a campground that's 45 minutes off of 101, even. I got there and the berries weren't ripe. KHAN! I at least grabbed some tissue for chromosome counts, and some cuttings so that I could propagate it in the greenhouse and have berries a year from now, if I don't have the gumption to drive up 101 yet again next month (and assuming that the cuttings can survive in my car until Tuesday).

On my way I also collected berries at the place along 128 where I had encountered the rattlesnake. There was no rattlesnake this time. Excellent.

101 may have still been worth the extra distance and the disappointment of no berries, because it is such a fun and interesting drive. I didn't get sick of driving at all, although I guess it did seem to take awhile because I misread my clock, thinking it was two hours later than it was, and believed it. There are places along there (and on the road to the campground, and on 199) where immediately next to both sides of the road there is a redwood 5 feet across. There were so many little places that I wanted to stop but I have a ton of driving and work to do so I knew I had to stay on task.

Camped last night :)

After eight hours of driving today (and about as much yesterday) I got to my first field site in Oregon and made collections there. It was exciting, perhaps just because finding blackberries there meant that I hadn't wasted all my time driving.

Oh yeah, this is also my first time ever in Oregon. So far there are lots of conifers and hills but it's still pretty dry so it's not turning me on quite as much as I had hoped. I look forward to seeing rainforest in Washington at some point.

Being down to business and all I haven't stopped and taken a lot of photos (aside from the ones for my project), but here's Mount McLoughlin as seen from a traffic jam, and some lovely horsetails and Pacific blackberry:
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