Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

more sampling...

I think McDonald's might make their new mochas by taking espresso and mixing in their hot fudge sundae sauce with it. Not complaining, just observing. All I needed was the caffeine. The syrup on top of the whipped cream gave me McDonald's sundae flashbacks. The woman who served me also had incisors like Buffy/Angel vampires.

Stayed in Porterville last night in a mostly empty Best Western, ate at a mostly empty Denny's, and talked to Dan on the phone since he called at a convenient time. Today I had some good luck getting Pacific blackberry samples in the Sequoia National Forest. Then I tried the Angeles National Forest. There was a "road closed" sign in the median which I barely noticed as I drove by, then about a half mile later there was another sign, this time with traffic cones to show they meant business. As I turned around I noticed "Thanks, Firefighters!" signs up outside the nearby houses. Then an eyewitness news van sped by, in the non-coned lane in the opposite direction from the one I had been going in. Ha, okay, I got the message. Then I drove around looking for another way in, didn't find the road I was looking for and hit another road block anyway, then tried to get to a motel in Pasadena, which difficult and frustrating even though I'd gotten directions from Google ahead of time... arg but now I'm here for the night and watching Buffy with some new plans for sampling tomorrow thanks to the Calflora database. That crazy hot drive through the hills won't be wasted!

Had a nice lunch in Springville at a burger shack that reminded me of the seafood shacks back home.

So close to being done with sampling... will miss seeing all the new places, but will not miss worrying about mountain lions/rattlesnakes/rapists/slipping on rocks/car trouble...

Oh yeah, put almost a grand into my car yesterday for routine maintenance... woo. I've put more into it overall than it's worth, I think, but somehow it still beats getting a new car.

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