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So Stella and I saw 9 while we were in Eureka on Tuesday night. It was pretty bad. I guess you'd expect the eyecandy to be really good, and it was filled with lots of creepy creatures like one would expect from Tim Burton (my favorite was the cocoon-snake monster with the obligatory one-eyed baby doll head). However, considering that all of the main characters were covered in fabric, the close-up animation of the fabric was pretty poor, and it often looked like it was painted onto a flat surface rather than being made of fibers that moved independently. This wouldn't matter at all to me if the movie had any sort depth or meaning, which it didn't. I mean, this is a movie about the preservation of the human soul, so you would at least expect each of the nine dolls to represent one component or archetype, but instead they were just assigned different action movie character roles. One of them masturbates, so I'm glad to know that at least this component of the human spirit was passed on.

There were also two things that bothered me from a social responsibility point of view. First, there is no commentary on religion, but religion is used as a symbol of cowardice and oppression with the blind assumption that the audience will accept this symbol. (The safe haven is a blown out church, and the stodgy old leader who insists that they all stay there out of safety and not risk saving their friends dresses like someone high-ranking in the Catholic church.) Secondly, and this really got me pissed, is the faux-feminism. There's a female character who's a really tough, independent, bad-ass warrior. But wait, she's the only female character in the whole thing (not counting two mute and thus gender ambiguous characters)! And she ends up as the love interest of the main character, after any possible male competition conveniently dies off. This tells me "Not all women fit a girly stereotype! Some of them are tough and independent! But the majority are boring and thus not worthy of being characters in our tale."

Dear Tim Burton,
Women actually slightly outnumber men in the world's population. Please do not default to making your characters male except where you need a love interest.
Ready to cut your balls off,

I could tell that the movie was not going to be very cerebral by the fact that the action started almost immediately. This movie is the sort of thing that is actively shortening people's attention spans. I watched Blade Runner last night, so hopefully my brain is restored from my experience with 9.
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