Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,


The weather today was awesome. Very fall-like relative to the summer, breezy and not hot. Cool enough to wear L.L. Bean, even if it was just my "fitness fleece" hoodie. The sound of the wind makes me feel like I should be kick stepping down the street with my trombone. Not gonna happen this year though.

Also got the urge for mulled apple cider due to the weather, so I plan to make some for a party tomorrow night with the spirituality group folks. I got at two other East Coast-ers to say they would drink some, so that's enough for it to be worth it. Even though it makes a whole house smell delicious, I think people who did not grow up with the beverage get weirded out by the fact that it is murky brown and has things floating in it. You can't even buy anything called "apple cider" out here. I can buy "Simply Apple," which is a Coca-Cola product marketed as all natural unprocessed apple juice for yuppies, but to all tastes and appearances is cider. In the fall in New England, man, you can buy that stuff in cheap milk jugs by the boatload, from the grocery store or even better from a local orchard.

I felt really energized and happy today. I slept late, went out for bento with Stella, and went to my first yoga class in six years. It was not my most productive day ever. I think I will stick with the yoga for the fall quarter, since although there seems to be less attention to detail than I remember from the class I took at Dartmouth, it also leaves me able to walk and bike without feeling like I am going to melt into a puddle on the sidewalk.

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