Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Driven Bats

Neil Patrick Harris plays a supervillain who sings about his unrequited love. I'm talking, of course, about the Music Meister.

This is what I get for visiting Chris's blog yesterday. All day long I've had this song stuck in my head in which NPH sings angrily about Batman.

On Friday night I was alone in the house, so I could shamelessly turn on Cartoon Network and watch Clone Wars. Two comments regarding this experience: 1) Mattel now uses the "Barbie Girl" song in their commercials. Yeah. O.o 2) I really want to see Avatar this December, but I know that it is precisely the kind of movie that I can't convince my family to go see with me.

Local patriotic ceremonies are usually dull as hell, but the Veterans Day ceremony in Woodland yesterday actually had me paying attention and feeling gratitude towards the military. A 19-year-old from Yolo County died in July while trying to get medical aid for another soldier, so part of the ceremony was about that. Our conductor decided to nix "Stars and Stripes" and go with "Amazing Grace" at the end instead, the solemn mood was so perceptible.

My fortune cookie from yesterday says "Advancement will come with hard work." Yeah, yeah, I know... But where does the energy to keep working come from?

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