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Oh, good, going to a conference for four days and being really happy and energized the whole time means that I get to have a migraine both before and after. This one isn't too bad at least but it still means I'm bumming around at home when I would otherwise be getting stuff done at school.

I suppose I'm nervous because I know that now I have to get back to work on the grant proposal.

Maybe time to see a doctor and get prescription meds for when I get these?

Edit: It's only when I have a lot going on but feel like I have it all under control that I get the headaches. (That, and non-stress related causes like dehydration, sugar, or barometric changes.) If I'm panicking because everything is down to the wire and I don't know how I'll get it all done, then I don't get a headache. Obviously something in my subconscious is doing this, and I'd really like to have a long talk with it and see if we can work out some other arrangement.
Tags: health

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