Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Firefly safety placard shirt

I was definitely not ready for Daylight Savings Time this morning, and slept for awhile after my alarm went off. As we all know, the wackiest dreams happen when we sleep in. There were some dreams about getting a call that my mom died and driving off on a blackberry sampling trip in denial, and my grandfather forgetting to get me a doughnut. But while dreaming I was also thinking of t-shirt designs based on the lyrics to "Ballad of Serenity." I think I first tried coming up with icons for the first three lines of the song, then had a better idea.

I originally sketched this in pencil tonight and then was going to post it and whine about my lack of graphic arts skills. Then I realized that I could pay tribute to the great Alliance by making the design in Microsoft PowerPoint.

I dunno, I can't decide whether I actually want to screen print (or iron-on transfer) this.

No Jesus fish were harmed in the making of this design. (Except for Mal's.)
Tags: creativity, dreams

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