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Things that were great about the fall of 2002

I thought I was exhausted, but as soon as I got into bed I realized that I was not, thanks to that Excedrin that I took around 4PM. My computer is still on since I'm doing a Structure run, so I'd like to write down a laundry list of things that I remember fondly from my junior fall in college. I might even manage to make this a post that I can tolerate to leave on the public security setting.

  • The most quantitative reflection of how much fun I had is that it was my second-worst term (quarter) GPA-wise. The worst term for my GPA was my freshman winter, which I would say was my second-most-fun term in college (movie nights, a visit from my brother and his friend, and a wind symphony trip to Montreal, but that's another post). I hadn't worked out my system for studying yet when I was a freshman.

  • After two years of living with randomly-selected roommates (oh, and isn't that it's own potential post full of stories), I finally got to live with my friends Meghan and Kim. 111 New Hamp (the room has sadly been renovated and renumbered since then). Kim was away studying orgo a lot, but Meghan was the kind of person that could lead me into all sorts of fun and geeky activities while we pretended we didn't have impossible loads of studying to do. Add to this that this room was where some male friends of ours in the band had lived when we were freshman and they were sophomores. This room was associated with the aforementioned movie nights, Smash Bros., shopping carts as desk chair replacements, everything fun and nothing un-fun. Add to this that we were on the first floor and right next to the Hop, where all of the magic relating to the marching band originated.

  • Our friends Mary Chris and Alli were in 111 Mid Mass. This was a triple but one roommate had a boyfriend or something so it was really just the two of them living there. They threw room parties every week. Mary Chris was taking Developmental Bio with me so we studied a lot with a group. Alli was taking Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes with me and we worked together on group assignments. I was over there a lot. I think the studying and room parties may have blended together sometimes. I remember our friend Kyle, who is a great guy but had a million things going on and got up at 5AM every day, coming by for something probably band or orchestra related, and we were like "stay and party with us!" but he couldn't. I remember running out to the BEMA from one of these parties, singing band songs (follow the band all the way...) and chanting band chants (rip of his arms and legs and beat him with the bloody stumps huh!) and creeping out some people there who were not in the band. I remember sitting in that room and listening to Mary Chris talk about her recent breakup, and realizing that this is how normal women help each other out with their problems (I love my mother but it does not work this way for her).

  • Our freshman class of '06 in the band was big and super-hard-core-dedicated. They really saved us as a replacement for the similarly large and dedicated class of '02.

  • A local news station that was covering one of the first football games of the season did a little 90-second spot with us playing the fight songs and singing.

  • We also recorded the DTs for NBC's remake of Carrie. Apparently the wind symphony recording sounded too professional, and something more "raw" and "animal" was needed. Bring on the Dartmouth College Marching Band, playing as loudly as possible so as to sound bad on purpose. Before recording, we did a sound check just blasting random notes very loudly to see what our upper limit would be. Our performance of the DTs (the fight songs) was 5 decibels louder. We also forgot to tell our alumni that we were, you know, going to be in a movie, so shortly after it aired Allan '02 emailed (blitzed) the band and was like "YOU GUYS ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT I JUST HEARD."

  • Halloween was the night before Dartmouth Night, and I had a poster session on my research and about three other things due in that two day time period. I still managed to go to a Halloween party dressed up as a scientist with an alien bursting out of my chest. On Dartmouth Night there was a BLIZZARD. 1000 freshmen are running around a gigantic bonfire and snow is falling, it was just amazing. I have this image in my head, and I'm sure there's a picture somewhere, of Chris up on the conductor's ladder silhouetted against the fire. I got back to my room, exhausted from all of the papers due and what not, then went to take a shower. I forgot to bring my pajamas with me, but thought, oh, it's fine, it's Homecoming and no one will be in the dorm. Well, Meghan brought four of the freshmen, Jordan, Duncan, Jess, and Christina back to our room to hang out, except she must have been in one of the bathroom stalls when I got out of the shower because we missed each other. The four freshmen were very excited to see me in my towel. Duncan shouted "share the wealth!", a phrase that we use to tell people to fix their spacing in formations on the field. It was pretty hilarious. I think I have some gorgeous photos of the snow the next morning. (I should find those and edit this to make it illustrated... yes that will be a project for later).

  • The next day, Harvard's halftime show was ridiculous and stupid, involving a "Scooby Ewe" mystery told in Seussian rhyme. Luckily, the beginning of our show just happened to start with "Your show was one of the most insanely idiotic things we have ever heard." The crowd went wild. In another segment of the show, we got the crowd cheering "Harvard's socks."

  • For the Tolkien Society banquet, I made an Entwife costume out of corrugated cardboard. It was really, really awesome, and Jordan and Alexis, two of those '06s, helped me get it on and escorted me out to the lodge at Occum Pond.

  • I was the equipment manager for the band in 2002, and I remember after one game or another, I was coming back to my room from the bathroom to find Chris and Bailey knocking incessantly on my door, as if I might be in there but somehow not hearing them. They were in tuxes (conductor and drum major) and needed me to get them back into the storage room to change.

  • I was also show chair, along with Tim, who was a senior. Somehow a joke got started at Show Co that we should do a Saddam Hussein-as-a-pirate show, and that joke continued every week until we pretty much had to do it at the last away game of the season. So that's what birthed the show that included a formation depicting "Saddam's cannon and his trusty seamen." Although some of my ideas were used I didn't actually write that show. Usually we would exchange our outline of joke ideas over blitz after Show Co on Sunday, divy up the segments, write them, edit each other's writing, then submit it by Wednesday morning. Tuesday night I had sent Tim my ideas but hadn't heard anything back from him and was getting a massive headache, so I basically told him that he could write it himself, then went to bed. Oh yeah, that was also the show where we started off by throwing tennis balls at the Princeton band. It was going to be a joke about how we couldn't be at the hockey game that day to throw tennis balls at the goalie as was tradition, but then we decided it needed no explanation. They were good sports and threw the balls back at us during their show.

  • The Princeton trip was also where we stayed in the dorm rooms of Princeton bandies. I was sick so I didn't go out that night, just slept with some hippie version of Vick's VapoRub that one of the Princeton kids gave me. I woke up naturally after not hearing the alarm on my watch, saw that I still had time to meet up with the band, but then realized that I was completely alone in the room and didn't know how to get to our meetup place. The other Dartmouth bandies who were supposed to stay in the room had ended up elsewhere due to sexual exploits. One of the Princeton students who wasn't even in the band ended up getting me to the rendezvous. No harm done, and wild times.

  • Sometime around finals, one of Meghan's friends from Phi Tau introduced us to

All that awesomeness, and Firefly was on the air and I didn't even know it! We even had a TV in our room. How much awesomer would it have been, how much awesomer.
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