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Why I'm not involved in Tom Brown's Tracker School any more...

So I still get the emails, because apparently they're being forwarded to my Gmail from my Dartmouth account, thus making the "Unsubscribe" link useless. Here's what I got today:

Conversations with Grandfather volume VIII – The 7th Prophecy – “The Warning” is now available at the Tracker School’s on-line Tracker Store in mp3-CD and Audio CD format.  It contains 22 tracks with a total running time of 1 hr. 45 min.


Opening lines:

"Going into this Prophecy, umm, I knew it was coming, and it just... at the best of times it gets me into a vile mood to say the least, a very depressed mood. Because in that Warning Prophecy it contains a hidden meaning that does not sit with me all that well.  When I look at that Warning... if you look at that 6th Prophecy, the Preparation and Exodus, those years that the Children of the Earth must flee to the wild places - it is during those years that this Warning takes place.  You see, the funny thing about this 7th Prophecy is that, as I said, in the 4 major beginning Prophecies... it's going to appear basically between the Dawn, or the Night of the Red Skies (wherever you're located on this planet), and what I call the Armageddon.  And unfortunately, like I said, it's a prophecy within a prophecy, in that there is gonna be those that escape to the wilderness, and it is to those that this Warning becomes applicable.  Because out of all of those that escape, Grandfather said that most will perish.  Now that's pretty frightening."  -  TBj


Back cover text:

“Nearly a half-century ago, an elderly Lipan Apache Shaman named “Stalking Wolf” explained to his young protégé, Tom Brown Jr., four major prophecies that marked the destruction of man and life on Earth as we know it. Stalking Wolf, known to Tom as “Grandfather” said that there was no definite future, only possible and probable futures. The “now” was like the palm of a hand, with each finger being a possible future, one of which was stronger and most likely to become reality. Thus Grandfather’s predictions were of the probable future, which meant that we always had a choice.  Unknown until now, he also related to Tom a group of supporting prophecies which concerned that very power of choice and being on the threshold of decision - as we find ourselves today.

In this live audience recording, Tom introduces and expands on the third of the supportive prophecies of Grandfather - his seventh overall - The Warning. This thought-provoking and informative audio session is yet another essential message for all of humanity to hear, especially those who see themselves as Children of the Earth.”

Important message for all of humanity to hear, so yup, in these days of the information revolution, that'll cost ya $18 for the mp3 or $23 for the audio CD. (If you want to take a class in person, it's close to $1000 for one of the week-long classes... I mean, not too bad seeing as I can get a week-long class in bioinformatics for $900, but if you claim to be doing this to save humanity, come on...)

Charismatic speaker + prophecies of the apocalypse with only his followers surviving + you have to pay money to hear this important message = cult!
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