Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Shit people who drink say to people who don't drink

There are some good "shit people say" videos going around, such as "shit white girls say to black girls". So along those lines:

"Do you not drink?" [I'm just enjoying an iced tea, why do you care?]
"Why don't you drink?" [What makes you think that the answer to this question is likely to be a pleasant one?]
"You must think I'm an alcoholic." [...Well, I didn't until you projected your own insecurities onto me just now.]
"Would you like a beer? Oh my God I forgot, I'm so sorry!!!" [You were just being polite and offering me something. Relax.]
"This beer is really good, you should try one!" [ONLY annoying if the person has been hanging out with me for years and still has no idea that I don't drink.]
"You know, there are some health benefits to red wine."
"We're gonna get you wasted! Haha j/k."
"You'd be having a lot more fun if you were drinking!" [This one hasn't happened to me in awhile but I generally consider it as license to flip out and yell at the person. Yes, I can flip out and yell at people.]
"Anyone who doesn't drink for non-religious reasons is LAME. Oh, sorry, forgot you were here."

Luckily in my current social situation I don't have to put up with any of this, but all of these are taken directly from things people have said to me in the past.

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