A new song for Dartmouth...


Oh, I forgot what it was like to be part of the Ivy League culture. Some girl was angry enough about date rape and talented enough to 1) compose music and lyrics for a 6-minute song about date rape, 2) record and auto-tune it, and 3) hack into the email system and send the song in an anonymous email to the whole campus. And all people can talk about is how the song lacks artistic merit.

Things I forgot

In order of remembering:
  • Keys. Meh, either Cara will be home when I get back or I'll dig around in the backyard for the spare. I have plenty of time to shoot her an email to let her know I don't have a key, too.

  • Black shoes for the band uniform. I had gotten my old black sneakers out, and once I decided that I was not checking any baggage other than my trombone, I decided that those would be the only shoes that I would take and that I would wear them on the plane. Of course, I put my normal sneakers on instead. Solution: If I remember correctly, the hardware store in Hanover is near where I am meeting folks for pizza this afternoon. Black electrical tape.

  • Chapstick. Oh well.

  • Excedrin. If I really need it, I won't mind buying it at the pharmacy in town. (CVS... I am pretty sure the old locally-owned pharmacy is dead.)

  • Bonine. Uh, I feel a little nauseous, and I don't think the sleep-deprivation is helping my motion sickness. Oh well.

Impressive considering I started packing like 5 days in advance...

something is wrong with this ranking system

From a letter of recommendation form:

1. Well below average (lower 5%)
2. Average (middle 40%)
3. Well above average (top 35%)
4. Excellent (top 15%)
5. Outstanding (top 5%)

Yes, those numbers total to 100%, but... then the median is "well above average" and the words "middle" and "top" are used incorrectly.

I'm going to go with:
1 = 1st to 4th percentile
2 = 5th to 44th percentile
3 = 45th to 79th percentile
4 = 80th to 94th percentile
5 = 95th percentile and up


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OMG, watching an episode of Stargate, and they are in the "New York Museum of Art." Even I know that it's called the Met. Maybe they couldn't get licensing or something, but I know in Friends there were references to the Met.

LJ privacy

I credit my LJ friends with the intelligence not to do this anyway, but just so we're clear, if you make a comment on one of my friends-only entries, don't repost it to your Facebook or Twitter. Meaning, pretty much no one on LJ should have things set up so that all of their comments automatically go to Facebook/Twitter.

Facebook's new facial recognition

Not working so well. I submitted this to Failbook but it's too funny not to share here as well.

I have other pictures of dogs, but this is the only one that Facebook is insisting should be tagged (if I go to the album and mouse over the picture, there's a little box prompting me to tag it).

That's little Asha, Cara's brother's dog.
batik talon

Why I'm not involved in Tom Brown's Tracker School any more...

So I still get the emails, because apparently they're being forwarded to my Gmail from my Dartmouth account, thus making the "Unsubscribe" link useless. Here's what I got today:

Collapse )

Important message for all of humanity to hear, so yup, in these days of the information revolution, that'll cost ya $18 for the mp3 or $23 for the audio CD. (If you want to take a class in person, it's close to $1000 for one of the week-long classes... I mean, not too bad seeing as I can get a week-long class in bioinformatics for $900, but if you claim to be doing this to save humanity, come on...)

Charismatic speaker + prophecies of the apocalypse with only his followers surviving + you have to pay money to hear this important message = cult!
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Liz Gilbert vs. Mal Reynolds

'Cause I love Mal, 'cause some things about Eat, Pray, Love (the book) deeply bothered me, and 'cause I'm in a snarky mood.

Dialogue is from one of the deleted scenes on the Serenity DVD, and the images are from that same scene and from the Eat, Pray, Love trailer.

Eat, Sleep, Keep Flyin'.
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I had this idea while camping during my vacation, and I just remembered it today and better write it down.

Gigantic marshmallow that can be cooked on a spit. Better yet, giant animal carcass-shaped marshmallow with graham cracker bones and chocolate organs/stuffing.

I think I would find a recipe for graham crackers, then make a aluminum foil support to bake the dough in the shape of a cartoon chicken skeleton. I would also whip up marshmallow from a recipe, and divide it in half. Half of it would get mixed with broken up chocolate bars (Hershey's, of course, the chocolate that is wonderful on s'mores but useless for anything else unless you like the taste of wax) and used to fill the skeleton and make an inner wrapping for the legs and wings. Then I'd rub corn starch out on a flat surface and pat the other half of the marshmallow mixture flat onto that, maybe 3/4" thick. That would be the "muscle and skin" that I'd wrap the rest of the bird with. Then you turn it on a spit over coals, and the "skin" gets all crispy while the rest turns into a giant s'more mixture.